About Us

No matter if you’re searching for adventure, relaxation, fun with your family or romance with your couple; Aventuras Arenal is the most qualified guide for your trip to Arenal in Costa Rica.

Aventuras Arenal is a local family-owned tour operator and transportation provider. We are the local tour operator with more experience (over 27 years!) and the most qualified team to drive and guide you through the exuberant jungle and forests of Costa Rica, its picturesque roads and streets, its magical rivers and to share with you the kindness and cultural richness of the happiest country in the world.

Company’s History

Our labor started in 1990. The company’s founder, Rodrigo Salazar, his wife and his brothers, began to offer boat rides in the Arenal Lake to the visitors. The magnificence of the huge lake and the majestic Arenal Volcano charmed the few tourists of that time. When the word spread among the travelers of such amazing spot in the world, new ideas started to arise for showing to all the adventurers the natural secrets of La Fortuna and its surroundings.

Since then, Aventuras Arenal has constantly searched for new tours to offer the travelers and top quality in service. Today we develop operations in Arenal area and Guanacaste, offer ground transportation to any place in the country and keep growing in pursue of making our guests vacations an unforgettable and beautiful memory.

Rodrigo Salazar – CEO

Costa Rica is a wonderful country, there are plenty of fascinating things to see. It is our best desire that those coming here get the most professional service, so their experience become as fascinating as the places they visit.

Helen Salazar – Marketing Manager

For over two decades agencies and tourists have trusted our services. Visitors have a great time relaxing and enjoying their vacations while we take care of logistics and tedious stuff.